New Single Album – Baharlarda –

Third Black Sea Storm Release of 2017

I was able to finish and release a new single album before the end of the year. Despite all the major changes that occurred in my life in 2017, it feels extremely good to be back at producing music and closing the year 2017, against all odds, with three Black Sea Storm releases. Since I am more of an analog instrument playing person, I would have not imagined I’d be able to pursue the Black Sea Storm adventure without having access to real amps.

Self-Writing Song

The new song “Baharlarda” came to life quite naturally. It’s one of these creative situations where the song writes itself without me having to do much. Almost the entire song is made of first takes. I did not want to edit too much or do too many takes. I wanted the final render be as close as possible to the initial state of different parts of the song when they emerged for the first time.


Since yesterday the new single-album is on Spotify. It may take few extra days/weeks for it to be available on the other major platforms. I already started working on song ideas for the next release. I have the feeling that I am getting back into the zone where I can create musical moments that are interesting to me. I want to keep the creative momentum going. I learned my lesson from being gone for a long period of time. Once I stop the creative process, it takes me a lot of time and effort to get back to a place where I feel good about the musical ideas I am able to come up with. In a few days I’ll be moving out of the current place I live at the moment. I am hoping I’ll be able to keep producing music wherever I’ll end up next.

Black Sea Storm - Single Album - Baharlarda
Black Sea Storm – Single Album – Baharlarda