“Biten Dün” Sent for Digital Distribution

I was able to finalize the first Black Sea Storm song made in Argentina called “Biten Dün”. I sent it for digital distribution yesterday. For now, the single album is only available for digital download on CD Baby. I’m hoping that the actual song will be available on all major streaming platforms in less than a week. I did a test purchase from CD Baby. They offer three different formats: mp3, mp3-320, and FLAC. I was amazed by the quality of the FLAC and the mp3-320 formats. They also allow you to download the cover art as a JPEG.

I’ve been consuming most of my music through Spotify for the past seven years or so. Doing that little test, reminded me how purchasing digital copies of music is still a fun experience. The sound quality is much higher than most streaming platforms, and I still get some pleasure out of owning my own digital copies of the songs I like. I know for a fact that artists usually get more financial support from their listeners buying digital copies, than streaming their music. Those are the major reasons for me to not give up completely on purchasing digital copies of  music.

There is also the possibility that a solar storm hits the Earth. The world as we know it, with abundant electricity and access to internet, could also cease to exist for different reasons. If one of those catastrophic scenarios occurs.  All the people who happened to own physical or digital copies of their music, will be glad that they did not rely on streaming only. I just hope for my own collection of digital albums, that at least disconnected hard-drives will make it through a major solar storm. This entire paragraph is of course a joke, but things like these could happen one day. Who knows?

There are many artists who refuse to be on streaming platforms, and only sell their music through sites like bandcamp or CD Baby. This gives me an exciting idea for my next blog post: “10 Great Artists You Won’t Find on Spotify”. What is your list of 10 great artists who can’t be found on Spotify?

– Ali

“Biten Dün” available on CD Baby

The entire Black Sea Storm discography on CD Baby

Black Sea Storm on Spotify

Biten Dün Cover Art
Biten Dün – Cover Art